Corona Virus Update

Uganda, like the rest of the world is trying to ensure that Corona Virus outbreak does not affect the people living in Ugandas boarders. To this effect the Ministry of Health in Uganda has issued two statements regarding entry into Uganda. The Ministry of Healt has also issued guidelines on what measures indiciduals should be taking to ensure that they don’t contract the virus. The steps highlighted in the statements below are meant to prevent people in Uganda contracting Corona Virus which is also known as COVID – 19. Let’s Go Travel will continue to provide you with more information as soon as we get it.

Corona Virus Update - International Information

Tracking COVID - 19

John Hopkins University SSE

The World Health Organisation

World Health Organisation

Corona Virus Update - Government Statements

H.E Museveni's COVID-19 Statement - 19/03/20

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Ministry of Health Corona Virus Update - 11/03/20

Corona Virus Update 11 March 2020
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Ministry of Health Corona Virus Update - 07/03/20

Corona Virus Update - 07 March 2020
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Corona Virus Update - Focus on Uganda

UWA Directive on Postponements & Cancellations- 25/03/20

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UWA Directive on Postponements & Cancellations- 11/03/20

Corona Virus Update - UWA - 11th March 2020
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Ministry of Health Guidelines

Corona Virus Update Uganda
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Corona Virus Update - Airlines flying into Uganda

The airline industry is also having to adapt based on the guidelines that have been issued by not only Uganda but other countries all around the world. Below are some of the revised postponement and cancellation Terms and Conditions for the airlines that fly into Uganda. Please only use this as guidance, if you have any specific questions please speak to the indicidual company or representative who sold your ticket.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Update

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Update

Uganda Airlines

Uganda Airlines Update


Rwandair Update

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