Corona Virus Update

Uganda, like the rest of the world is trying to ensure that Corona Virus outbreak does not affect the people living in Ugandas boarders. To this effect the Ministry of Health in Uganda has issued two statements regarding entry into Uganda. The Ministry of Healt has also issued guidelines on what measures indiciduals should be taking to ensure that they don’t contract the virus. The steps highlighted in the statements below are meant to prevent people in Uganda contracting Corona Virus which is also known as COVID – 19. Let’s Go Travel will continue to provide you with more information as soon as we get it.

Corona Virus Update - Uganda

H.E President Museveni

Museveni Corona Virus Update
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Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health Corona Virus Update
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Uganda Tourism Board

UTB Corona Virus Update
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Uganda Wildlife Authority - Corona Virus Update

Reopening of Savanah Parks

Uganda - Rhino Grazing
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Credit Statements introduced by UWA

Lizard Buzzard Hunting
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Updated rescheduling guidelines

Uganda - Bushbuck hiding
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Permit rescheduling guidelines

Uganda - Silverback Gorilla bearing teeth
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Corona Virus Update - Other Destinations

Rwanda open for Tourism

Rwanda - Lake Kivu-2
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Rwanda Entry Regulations

Rwanda - Intore Dancing
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Kenya Tourism Update

Kenya - Lion - Maasai Mara
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Tanzania Tourism Update

Tanzania - Leopard
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Dubai open for Tourism

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - June 5, 2019: Dubai Seaside Skyline
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