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Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre ( UWEC ) has had many roles in the past all with the single purpose of wildlife conservation. Today it focuses on 4 key areas

1 - Wildlife Rescue

Working closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, UWEC veterinary officers attend to injured, sick or stressed animals. Its is the belief of UWEC that human wildlife conflict can be addressed by attitude- and behavioural change through creating awareness is a more sustainable approach to species survival.

2 - Treatment of injured and sick Animals

Veterinary officers are responsible for making sure that all animals within UWEC are fit and healthy. They also tend sick or injured animal who are taken to UWEC and help them recover so that they can be introduced back into the wold or integrated into UWEC.

3 - Wildlife Quarantine Services

UWEC is also able to provide a wildlife quarantine service . The animals in this area are not in view of the general public  and the Veterinary unit plays an important role by ensuring that quarantined and exhibited animals are healthy.

4 - Contribute to species recovery

The role of UWEC continues to develop as it now has the mandate to breed species which are at risk of extinction in the wild. This role enables the entity to build a healthy animal population as a backup for endangered species. 

The History of  UWEC

1952 - Entebee Zoo as it was known then was primarily used as a centre for wild animals that were sick, injured, orphaned or confiscated as a result from illegal trade.

1960s - During this time the role of the Zoo changed its role to a more traditional zoo which housed indigenous and non indigenous animals such as bears and tigers.


1994 - In May 1994, the UWEC Trust was founded to take over the zoo primarily for Conservation Education purposes. 

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Activities at UWEC

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Long Stay Volunteer Experience

The long stay volunteer experience enables you to undertake a series of activities that range from food prep, observation of the animals and cleaning out of their holding facilities.

One of the key elements of this experience is you are able to help out at UWEC for 5 days. In order to participate in this experience you must have the following;

  1. Hepatitis A (20 years)

  2. Hepatitis B (5 years)

  3. Measles (MMR) (10 – 15 years)

  4. Meningococcal meningitis (ACWY strains) ( 3 years)

  5. Polio (10 years)

  6. Tetanus (10 years) vaccine

  7. Rabies (2 years after completion of initial dose)

A negative TB test/ chest X ray or other test are required.
The minimum period for one to participate is one week to months/ year

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Day Visits

A visit to UWEC is a great way to spend time whilst in Entebbe. There are plenty of animals, birds and reptiles to see and to learn about including the Big 5. UWEC hope that during your visit you will develop an important understanding of the role that they in protecting and conservation of animal species. You don't need to book an appointment for day visit and you have the option of hiring a UWEC ranger to cureate your visit of you go move around on your own.

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Zoo Keeper

The Zookeeper for a day activity at UWEC is the best way to truly understand the work that the centre does by getting first hand experience of what the UWEC rangers and vets do on a daily basis, You will spend the day with the animal keepers and participate in activities such as preparing animal meals, cleaning enclosures as well as interacting with the animals to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

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Behind the Scenes

This is a two-hour educative adventure that offers special inside look into how specific animals are cared for at the UWEC. The animals that you will see as part of this experience will include some of the Big 5. You will also get to interact with the prehistoric looking Shoebill Stork and get up close to Ugandas National Bird the Grey Crowned. This activitiy takes place from 9 to 12 am and 2.30 to 4.30 pm

Uganda - Chimpanzee at UWEC.jpg

Chimpanzees Close Up

The Chimpanzee Close Up Experience is allows you to get up close with humanities closet relative. Under the watchful instruction of the UWEC ranger you will be able to initially watch close up and then interact with the rescued chimpanzees at UWEC. The initial Chimpanzees at UWEC were rescued recused from the wild. This experience allows you to feed the chimpanzees as well as groom and play with some of the younger chimpanzees, you will also learn about the social structure and behavioural traits. A medical certificate with specific vacciniations is required before this activitiy can be done.

The Exclusive VIP Experience

The exclusive VIP experience at UWEC is your personalised adventure in Entebbe.
Get up close and personal with our animal ambassadors, and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience…
Come along with your family and spend up to three hours with your own personal tour guide on an exclusive journey to Africa’s animals and their habitats.

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