The words “Scandinavia Holidays” evokes many images. Endless fir forests, awe-inspiring fjords, wilderness, it’s all these things, of course, but this hardly does justice to the region’s vastness and diversity. To the North is the Arctic Circle, where polar bears roam, the summer sun lasts 24 hours, but an implacable dark descends in a winter lit, if you’re lucky, by cosmic northern lights. Although not in Scandinavia, Finland, where Russia’s cultural orbit is felt, also has a Nordic feel with vast expanses of lake and forest inhabited by wild bears stretch beyond sight. Nomadic reindeer herders range from mountain to forest and the naked sauna is a national pastime.

Let’s Go Travel will take you to an unforgettable Scandinavia holiday and you’ll experience effortlessly chic cities that meet remote forests, drawing style gurus and wilderness hikers alike. Endless day, perpetual night. Rocking festivals, majestic aurora. Scandinavia: anything but bland.

Scandinavia Holiday Packages