Akagera National Park makes for the most satisfying of safaris with its vast savannah grasslands and plains, broad-leaved forests, steep hills, and lakes and swamps that are teeming with a variety of animal and bird species. With the reintroduction of black rhinos and African lions, the park is now home to all of Africa’s Big 5’ – the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The park supports giraffes, zebras, elephants, buffaloes, and several species of Antelope like oribi, waterbuck, topi, eland, reedbuck, duiker and sitatunga. Large predators include lions, leopards, hyenas and jackals. The parks primate offering includes olive baboons, vervet monkeys and the nocturnal and wide-eyed bush babies.

Akagera National Park can be explored in three ways:

Game Drives

Driving through Akagera Park on a guided game drive is a rare treat because you can literally drive for hours without encountering another car as you take in the numerous plains game. One of the parks most favourite and famous animals isMutware, a magnificent 50year old elephant that was semi-habituated at an early age and is frequently encountered in the park.

Nocturnal Game Drives

Take a 2hour night drive for a different experience of Akagera by night and see nocturnal species like leopards, lions, bush babies, civets, serval cats, bush pigs and nocturnal birds.

Boating Safari

A boat cruise on Lake Ihema, which has one of East Africa’s largest concentrations of hippos and massive crocodiles on its shore, is the highlight of a visit to this park. Several of the large mammals are best and easily viewed from a boat including elephants and buffaloes that frequent the lakeshore to bathe and drink, and countless water birds that fleet above the waters surface or perch and nest near the shore.

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