Nyungwe National Park protects Nyungwe Forest, which is the largest swathe of remaining montane forest in East and Central Africa as well as one of the best rated forest conservation site on the continent. It was first declared a forest reserve by the German colonial government in 1903 but without committed conservation enforcement, the forest suffered from several fires, extensive woodcutting and even poaching of animals that led to the extinction of elephants and buffaloes. It was not until the 80’s, following the discovery of vast populations of Colobus monkeys living in massive groups that restoration of conservation was restarted. The 1994 genocide presented a new obstacle to conservation work, but following the return of order in 1995 development continued until 2005 when it was declared a National Park.

This untouched natural rainforest that borders Burundi in the south and Lake Kivu and the DRC in the west is Rwanda’s most important area of biodiversity represented by 13 species of primate, 75 species of other mammals, over 300 bird species, a staggering 120 species of butterflies, over 140 species of orchids, and over 1,000 other plant species. The main attraction in Nyungwe is undoubtedly chimpanzee trekking, but equally attractive is the pleasure of hiking on any of the 13 well preserved trails that crisscross this verdant ancient forest, offering opportunities to many of its inhabitants.

The sights and sounds of Nyungwe, particularly from the canopy walkway that is suspended 50m from the forest floor, are straight out of a fairy-tale – towering ferns, mahoganies and ebonies perched on the steep slopes and deep valleys; exotic wildflowers with colourful butterflies and birds fleeting around them, and from beneath the forest canopy, the sounds of any one of the 13 primates as they swing through the trees.

Did You Know?

Nyungwe Forest is one of Africa’s oldest rainforests that survived the last ice age, which accounts for its exciting biodiversity

Nyungwe Forest’s Top Experiences

Primate Trekking

Nyungwe Canopy Walk



What You Need To Know

Location And Getting There

Size: 1,020sq. kms
Altitude: 1,600m – 2,950m above sea level
District: Rusizi in Southwestern Rwanda
Headquarters: Uwinka
Distance and drive time from Kigali: 225kms in 4hours

Climate And When To Visit

Nyungwe forest receives 2000m of rainfall every year, and is Rwanda’s largest water catchment area, accounting for two thirds of all of Rwanda’s water. This ancient forest also feeds both River Congo, and the world’s longest river, River Nile. Ordinarily, the dry season would be the time of choice to go trekking through the dense forest, but primate viewing in Nyungwe is actually more rewarding and easier in the wet seasons when the primates tend to feed in more predictable areas

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