For the culture buff, Northern Tanzania holds two very fascinating experiences that are as old as they are intriguing. What’s more, both are well known world over, so a safari to this part of the world would not be complete without checking off two very fulfilling cultural bucket list items. Oldupai Gorge, a deserted area south of Serengeti National Park is more famously known as ‘the cradle of humanity’ because of the 2million year old fossilised remains of mans earliest ancestors that were unearthed by the celebrated paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey and his wife, in 1930. Also bordering the park are the Maasai, probably one of Africa’s most easily recognisable people, who have lived their lives almost exactly the same way for several centuries – as nomadic pastoralists. Today visitors can take cultural tours to the heart of Maasailand and see how the Maasai live in coexistence with the profuse wildlife, the love they have for their cows, their captivating dances, and listen to the mesmerising stories of their history.

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