Located in the heart of the African Great Lakes Region, Uganda is a land of scenic wonders and captivating landscapes with so much to savour.

Uganda is positioned on the edge of the Equator, nestled atop an uplifted basin that lies between the Eastern and Western branches of the Great East African Rift Valley, and is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, Rwanda to the Southwest, Tanzania to the South, Kenya to the East and South Sudan to the North. Although almost one-fifth of Uganda is open water or swampland and much of her borders are lakeshore, she is landlocked with no access to the ocean or sea.

The entire country lies above 900m above sea level and generally slopes from South to North. It is commonly classified as plateau between 1,000-1,200m in altitude, with numerous hills and valleys, and extensive savannah plains. Mountains on all sides cradle this plateau; the volcanic foothills of Mt. Elgon in the East, Mt. Moroto in the Northeast, the northernmost of the Virunga range in the Southwest and Ruwenzori Mountains including Uganda’s highest snow-capped peak Margherita (5029m), in the Southwest.

Uganda is surrounded by 3 Great Lakes; Albert, Edward and Victoria and a fourth, Lake Kyoga lies in the Central region. Grassland and tropical forest dominate the central lake region and the mountainous highlands of the Southeast where dense rainforests flourish. The low-lying Nile valley cuts its way through Central and Northwest Uganda to enter South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt, and finally empty in the Mediterranean.

The Albertine Rift Valley

The Albertine Rift Valley, also called the Western Rift Valley is responsible for many of the land formations in Uganda and it is also where most of Uganda’s wildlife and birds can be found. In Uganda the Virunga Mountains and the Rwenzori Range border it, and it contains the Great Lakes, Lake Edward and Lake Albert. Much of this area lies within the boundaries of national parks including Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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