The small, idyllic town of Entebbe is located 40kms south of Kampala on a peninsula on Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Entebbe is the primary entry point for international arrivals at Entebbe International Airport, and is the perfect introduction to Uganda because it offers visitors a taste of some of Uganda’s best experiences within a few minutes of their arrival.

Entebbe was the capital city from 1894 to 1962 when it was the seat and main harbour of the British protectorate, before both were moved to Kampala. The old architecture and buildings in Entebbe are reminiscent of this colonial era, as is the Entebbe Golf Club that is the oldest golf course in East Africa, founded in 1901. The name Entebbe is derived from e’ntebe, the Luganda word for seat or chair and now also houses the official office and residence of the President of Uganda, located on a hill overlooking the town, where an old governors residence once stood.

Despite being increasingly populated, Entebbe retains an unusually green feel and its share of natural attractions. The beaches in Entebbe are dotted with restaurants, hotels and resorts and shopping malls are mushrooming in the city centre. Entebbe was once a gateway to Uganda, when steamboats carried passengers and cargo to and from the Kenyan port of Kisumu. Today, the jetty is used mostly to take travellers across to the various Ssese Islands.

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What You Need To Know

Location And Getting There

Entebbe is located in Eastern Uganda, 40kms south of Kampala on a peninsula on Lake Victoria. It is also the location for Entebbe International Airport.

Climate And When To Visit

Entebbe experiences tropical rainforest climate, with high chances of rainfall year round, followed by sunshine, and no real dry season. The driest month is January and the wettest, April, while February is the hottest month and July, the coolest. Annual temperatures average 21°C.

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