‘Boomu’ means ‘together’ in Runyoro, and it defines the purpose and spirit of a group of 40 women and 5 men who share their well preserved Nyoro culture and wisdom with guests, in a small village in Masindi. The Boomu Women’s Group was founded in 1999 in Kihaguzi village to empower women and generate economic and social development for the community. The community that relies mostly on subsistence farming for sustenance is poor, with little access to basic services, including heath and education. At its inception, the group focused on making crafts that they sold to tourists, to supplement their incomes. But, today it has evolved into an amazing community project that offers accommodation, dining, and unique guided community tours.

Boomu African Village is located just outside the Kichumbanyumbo Gate of Murchison Falls National Park, about 20kms from Masindi, in Kigaragara village. It is an awesome place to experience rural Uganda, still tethered to an ancient past and to explore the fascinating history and cultures of the Banyoro. The atmosphere of this secluded and beautiful village is great whether you’re staying over night, or only passing through for a day visit.

Accommodation: An overnight at Boomu Village is in a traditional grass-thatched hut surrounded by beautifully maintained tropical gardens that are teeming with colonies of weaverbirds, and loads of butterflies. Story telling at the night campfire is not to be missed, for a dose of oral tradition that has been passed on this way from generation to generation, for centuries, from historical tales of game hunting to narrations of Banyoro courtship rituals. Accommodation here, while very budget is exceptionally clean and well maintained.

The Food: The food in Boomu Village comes highly recommended, and the restaurant is open to residents and day visitors alike. A well-tended food garden supplies all the fresh and healthy food that is plated, straight from cooking over an open charcoal fire. What’s more, guests can pay to be involved in the entire cooking process from start to finish on cooking tours that demonstrate authentic African cooking.

Village Walks: A must-do, village walks offer guests a peak into a genuine Ugandan village and the lives of the locals – traditional farming methods and the different crops, music and dance performances, storytelling and family life. On the way, many interesting birds and plants can be spotted with the help of experienced guides.

Crafts: Boomu women’s group is famous in Uganda for the beautiful brightly coloured baskets that they weave and sell to tourists that visit the village, as well as those that they catch en route to Murchison Falls Park. A small craft shop on site sells some of the nicest crafts to be found in Uganda and visitors are also welcome to watch and take a short master class on the art of African weaving. The ladies also make woven bedspreads dyed with bright colours that are extracted from the plants in the village.

All the money from the community tours, alongside a percentage of the turnover is put into a community fund that finances community development projects. To date, Boomu Women’s Group has opened a nursery school, which it supplies with schoolbooks, soap, pencils and porridge for the children’s meals. The association also trains local women in high-quality blanket weaving to make baskets for sale to tourists.

Location – Masindi District, outside the Kichumbanyumbo Gate of Murchison Falls National Park.

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