Let’s Go Travel is over 20 years old, and what a journey it has been! I joined the travel business in 1979 in Nairobi, first providing simple travel solutions and bookings to family and friends for holiday, school and business trips. At the time, the tour and travel business was largely unexplored in Africa, and definitely not by many African self-employed female entrepreneurs. My inspiration, like many other things that I have pursued in life, came from my family.

Married and with 5 wonderful children, I was quite accustomed to planning all manner of trips inside Kenya and abroad and had been doing so for several years. I used this experience as a manual for providing travel solutions for other people, measuring what would work for different travellers against what I had learnt worked or did not work for my family and friends.  In this way, I trained myself to always treat my clients just as I would my family, and it has remained my ethos that clients are indeed family and will always be treated as such.

In 1996, with my children grown and away at school, I established Let’s Go Travel in a small corner office in Kampala and threw everything I had into growing this small travel agency with just 2 employees. Today, Let’s Go Travel has over 20 employees and has expanded its service portfolio to include tour packages and guides. In recent years, our business has also developed a keen focus on Responsible Tourism initiatives that give the indigenous peoples that live within or close to conservation areas an opportunity to benefit from tourism, while also educating them on the need for conservation. We are pleased to offer responsible tourism tours and packages to our clients that give an intimate cultural experience that reveal the true heart of Uganda and the rest of East Africa.

BCD Travel, our partner since 2008, is one of the largest global travel management companies that simplifies corporate travel, and we also operate a branch in Nairobi, Kenya. Even though we have expanded and are now recognised as being one of the leading tour operators and travel management companies in East Africa, Let’s Go Travel is still very much known as a family business. Our culture also remains firmly centred around giving every single one of our clients the treatment that the only family can give. I invite you to join the Let’s Go Travel family today to experience the difference, and we look forward to showing you the best of the Pearl of Africa, and the world beyond!

Joan Kantu Else
Managing Director