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Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

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Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is the second largest protect area in Uganda after Murchison Falls National Park, with an area of over 2788 square kilometres situated in eastern Uganda to the north of Mount Elgon. The wildlife reserve is now under the management of the Mount Elgon Conservation Area. The semi-arid terrain gets rainfall in April with the heavier rains from June to early September. The mixed acacia and savanna topography are very similar to the types of landscape found in parts of western Kenya and northern Tanzania. Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is also home to Mount Kadam which rises to 3,068m, an isolated volcanic mountain range to the east of the reserve. The two tribes that live in the area are the Thespian tribe with links back to the Karamojong and the Upe who have links to the Pokot in Kenya. The two tribes are both cattle keepers and historically have had skirmishes over cows and grazing lands.

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The renowned warrior pastoralists of Northeastern Uganda live on a large plateau between the mountains of South Sudan and the Eastern Rift escarpment of Kenya. Karamoja is often referred to as the Wild West of Africa because of the unspoiled and rarely visited the African wilderness that for a long time was a no-go area for all visitors because of insecurity. The Karamojong still display unique and traditional ideas of beauty beauty such as scarification on the body and faces, use of vibrant and colourful beads as well as the iconic red based blankets. The tribes in this region of Uganda share a great linage and history with Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania

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