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Uganda COVID-19 entry requirements - 05/05/21

The Ministry of Health in Uganda released a further update regarding entry requirements into Uganda. Below is a summary of the statement which has spilt entry requirements into 3 Categories. The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the entry requirements will be reviewed on a weekly basis with the arrivals testing regime reviewed in one month. To stay up to date please visit this blog site regularly and the Corona Virus webpage to make sure you have the latest information regarding entry requirements to Uganda. For the full Ministry of Health statement please click on the image below.

Category One

The only country in Category One at the moment is India All flights from India and all passengers originating from India were suspended effective 01st May 2021 at 23.59hrs. The following flights and travellers from India are exempt from the suspension:

  • Cargo flights where crew do not disembark

  • Technical stops where travellers do not disembark

  • Aircraft in a state or emergency

  • Operations relating to humanitarian aid, medical evacuation and any diplomatic flights approved by the appropriate authority.

  • Nationals returning home after medical treatment in India

Category Two

Travellers from USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Ethiopia, Turkey, South Sudan and Tanzania should consider postponing non essential travel to Uganda.

Any traveller from these countries including Ugandan Nationals will be subjected to a PCR COVID-19 test at the points of entry including Entebbe International Airport.

Category Three

Countries not in Category One or Two are exempt from the above measure.

Note: Individuals in Category Two and Three who have received their full COVID-19 Vaccination and are asymptomatic will be allowed in to the country without the need for testing on arrival.

This analysis and categorisation will be reviewed and updated on a weekly basis.

Testing of incoming travellers.

Testing of all incoming travellers including children from the countries in Category One and Two will be carried out upon arrival at the airport with out causing congestion, disruption or stagnation of activities.

The Ministry of Health has identified 5 laboratories with the ability to test over 5,000 samples per day and tasked them to set up testing points in Entebbe Town.

Additionally the Ministry has harmonised the cost for testing and agreed with the private laboratories not to charge more that $65USD for testing all incoming travellers from Category One and Two countries arriving through Entebbe International Airport.

With the support from airport officials and the airlines travellers from Category One and Two countries will be identified, cleared by immigration and evacuated from the airport to the testing site to avoid congestion and disruption of services.

Travellers will be transported to an identified with holding area within 5kms - 10kms from the airport where their samples will be removed for testing. Results will be released every 4 hours. The travellers will have the option of waiting in a comfortable area for the results OR checking into a designated hotel at their own cost until they receive their result.

a) Any traveller who tests negative for COVID-19 will be permitted to leave and proceed with his / her onward journey.

b) Any traveller ( national or non - national ) who tests positive for COVID-19 will be evacuated by the Ministry of Health to a designated COVID-19 isolation facility.

c) Children who test positive for COVID-19 will also be evacuated to a designated COVID-19 isolation facility with their parent of guardian.

The basis of this is to ensure that we do not import any more variants into the country and limit the spread of the variants. NOTE: The measures will be reviewed and updated after one month.

The with holding area will be communication to the airport authorities and published on social media and the Ministry and Health website.

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