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A guide to Uganda's COVID testing policy for incoming travellers.

On the 27th October 2021 a new COVID-19 testing procedure came into effect in Uganda with most of the focus being on travellers entering via Entebbe Airport. In light of feedback we have received from incoming traveller Let's Go Travel has put together a guide to ensure that your arrival to Uganda is as smooth as possible. For a downloadable version of the points below please click here

1. Before you travel to Uganda apply for your visa online using the link below –

2. Make sure you travel to Uganda with a printed copy of the visa confirmation document

3. Before you travel to Uganda please register with the Ministry of Health using the link below -

4. Make sure you travel with a printed copy. If payment for test fails online ensure you have $30 cash to ensure no hold up at paying on arrival.

5. When filling in the Ministry of Health registration form please mark the REASON FOR TRAVEL field as TOURISM.

6. When filling in the Ministry of Health registration form please mark the GROUND HANDLER/AGENT field as LET’S GO TRAVEL.

7. Clients will be identified by Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) & Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Staff and a tourist sticker will be placed on their passport in the area where samples are collected.

8. After going through Immigration and collecting your luggage you can proceed to the Tourist Lounge, where AUTO / UTB personnel will verify if you have already paid for your PCR test. If payment need to be made, this can be done at the Post Bank desk in the Tourist Lounge.

9. Your Let's Go Travel driver will be informed when their clients are ready to be taken. Please NOTE transport vehicles will be branded.

Driver will transfer you to the hotel in Entebbe and results will be sent to you either on email or Whatsapp, depending on the preference indicated by the client on the online form. This is a change from what was originally communicated. The directive behind this change can be from the Ministry of Health can be downloaded here and the subsequent Civil Aviation Authority notice can be downloaded here


If you have any concerns about upcoming safaris please email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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