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A Safari in Uganda - Make 2021 your year to visit...

For many parts of the world February 2021 marks one year since a series of lockdowns and travel bans came into existence as a method of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Since then there has been a huge drop in travel generally with almost no leisure travel.

With COVID-19 case numbers falling globally and the advent of vaccinations we view 2021 with renewed hope of being able to welcome travellers back to Uganda "The Peal of Africa" But don't just take our word for it here are what other people are saying about Uganda.

Uganda made it into the Top 50 places to visit post COVID-19 as rated by Travelpulse online travel magazine. The article specifically mentioned Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda but we know that both countries have so much more to offer.

"Mountain gorillas are some of the world's most fascinating and endangered animals and sadly these gentle creatures face a perilous future. Trekking to see them in Uganda or Rwanda will give you a new appreciation for their plight and the awakenings that travel can offer."

A luxury Travel Blog named Uganda as one of its choices for 21 countries to visit this year!

"It is now safer than ever to visit Uganda – one of Africa’s true gems, where you can enjoy a secure and welcoming experience. What’s more there are many wonderful experiences to be had. One of the greatest is making a gorilla trek, where you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness some of the gorilla babies born during the boom in 2020. These inquisitive creatures can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, where organised tours will guide you safely along the way. Uganda has many more open spaces to enjoy, including ten national parks, plus game reserves where you can take a safari."

There is so much to look forward to in Uganda with gems such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Kyamabura Gorge as well as The banks fo the rive nile and Bugoma Forest

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