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Cycling Safaris Uganda Style

Updated: May 6, 2021

Cycling is continuing to take off in a big way in Uganda, both off road mountain biking and road cycling. Cycling activities such as the Tour of Karamoja and cycling initiatives like the Masaka Cycling Club are all propelling cycling in to the mainstream. WIth that in mind Let's Go Travel has worked with cycle enthusiasts in Uganda and come up with a 10 Day Scheduled Group Cycling Safari and a 9 Day Tailor Made Cycling Safari

Although both cycling safaris go via well known tourist destinations in Uganda, going on cycle trails whilst at these destinations will give you a completely different perspective of not only the landscape and scenery but also the an unrivalled insight into the culture and way of life of the people who live in these areas.

Both safaris have a lead guide to brief you on all aspects of the safari and assist you every step of the way. The lead guide will be helped by a small team of Ugandan guides, the number of which will depending on how many participants are on the safari. A support vehicle will be on standby the entire time to ensure that any mechanical or physical difficulties are dealt with straight away.

The cycling safaris are geared to appeal to people of all cycling levels who want to experience Uganda in a more intrepid way and there are even possibilities for cycle hire. Most days will have a min and max cycling distance where there is an option to take a break and continue the cycle trail in the comfort of the support van once the minimum cycling distance has been achieved.

To find out more about the cycling Safari click HERE

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