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Explore Uganda The Pearl of Africa

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Explore Uganda and find out what this unique destination one you must visit in 2022.

Explore Uganda The Pearl of Africa is the headline tag for the new Destination Uganda brand unveiled last week. We all know what an amazing safari destination Uganda is with unrivalled highlights such as:

  • Over 50% of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas,

  • 50% of all the bird species in Africa,

  • 39% of all the mammal species in Africa,

  • The source of the the worlds longest river,

  • The worlds largest tropical lake,

  • The highest mountain range in Africa.

If that was not enough Uganda is also home to one of the most diverse tapestry of culture and heritage with lineages that can be traced back centuries. Many of the traditions are still practised and showcased today by the warm and welcoming people of Uganda.

Click the video below to watch the official launch video of the new brand for Destination Uganda.

Explore Uganda - A Destination re-branded

On Friday 21st January 2022 the Uganda Tourism Board unveiled the new brand that is going to re-launch Uganda on to the world stage and enable Uganda to become a more competitive when it comes to attracting international tourists as well as empowering domestic tourists to enjoy their country. Domestic Tourism and Ugandans enjoying the beauty of their own country has been a feature of the last two years and is now being documented using the #uniquelyours on all social media platforms

So what is new?

Explaining the new brand promise,The Uganda Tourism Board Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Lilly Ajarova said that the "new brand promise seeks to emphasise Uganda’s rare and precious range of tourism attractions to the world, thereby earning destination Uganda competitive market share".

Ms. Lilly Ajarova also added “To win the marketplace; to achieve our Number One objective of “Sustainably Promoting Uganda as a Competitive Tourism Destination for Inclusive Development” it was therefore important that all stakeholders are aligned on what makes us the Pearl of Africa and how do we unpack that to the various travel markets/segments around the world.”

Click on the video below to find the inspiration behind the new brand logo.

Why re-brand now?

Col Rtd. Tom Butime, the Minister of Wildlife and Antiquities said “The launch of the Brand is part of a response to the recovery after this dreadful pandemic. We are getting back into the market with a unified message and a clear promise and call to action. The launch of the Destination Brand is both vital to the restarting and rebuilding of the tourism sector as it provides a positive, recognisable and firm assurance of the beauty we radiate as a people and landscape of Uganda

What next?

This launch is just the beginning of a series of events that will showcase the new Explore Uganda brand worldwide. This first event took place in Kololo Kampala and was presided over by the President of Uganda, there will be more events planned during the course of 2022 and we will keep you updated.

More from Uganda

In January there were two new baby gorilla born in in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:

  • 20th January to an adult female called Nyabwoba from the Christmas family in the Nkuringo sector. There are now 7 members of this family

  • 23rd January to an adult female called Twijukye of the Mukiza family in the Ruhija sector. There are now 16 members of this family.

Uganda has a new entry in the Guinness Book of world records for creating the largest Rolex in the world.

And finally...

Remember to fill out your passenger health questionnaire form (at least 3 days before arrival) and apply for your visa before travelling to Uganda.


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