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The 2020 Let's Go Travel Uganda Safari Review

We all know how challenging this year has been for everyone, however as 2020 draws to a close here are 8 really positive stories to come out of the Uganda Tourism Sector which we hope will put a smile on your face over the festive break.

1 - Conservation Recognition

George Owoyesigire the Uganda Wildlife Authority Chief Warden was named as a Tusk Conservation Award Finalist for the Community Conservation work he is doing in Kibale Forest National Park .This is an incredible achievement and showcases the ethos that the Tusk Awards embody by recognising the unsung heros of conservation and shining a much deserved light on the work they do. Mr Owoyesigire follows in the footsteps of Dr Gladys Kalema Zikusoka who was nominated for the same award in 2019.

2 - Responsible Tourism Recognition

Tina Katushabe runs a social enterprise called Change a Life Bwindi In 2020 the organisation was Highly Commended in eh Neighbours and Employers category in the World Responsible Tourism Awards. This is an incredible achievement during COVID as the majority of the revenue needed by the Change a Life Bwindi to survive comes from tourists who visit the organisation after Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi. With no tourists being able to visit from March - July this year Tina was still able to reach out to reach out and organise resources to continue the incredible work she does with the Batwa and women in the community around the Ruhija Sector of Bwindi.

3 - The Tour of Karamoja

Although this bike ride has run for the last couple of year the 2020 edition was special and not only because it happened during COVID time. The 5 stage The Tour of Karamoja in 2020 included riding though parts of Kidepo Valley National Park arguably the most scenic of all the parks in Uganda. There were 25 participants from 10 different countries who cycled the entire length of Karamoja, 430Km and a 4,500m total climb in 5 days.

4 - Bwindi's Baby Boom

So far this year there have been 12 baby gorillas born in Ugandas Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks with only 3 babies being born in 2019. The gestation period of a mountain gorilla is around 8,5 months and they produce between 2 - 6 babies in a lifetime. Below is a list of the gorilla families that celebrated new arrivals this year.

Jan - Rushaga Sector - Kahungye Family Jan – Buhoma Sector – Katwe Family

Feb – Ruhija Sector – Mukiza Family April -Buhoma Sector - Muyambi Family

May – Rushaga Sector - Nshongi Family May - Nkuringo Sector – Nkuringo Family

July – Rushaga Sector – Busigye Family July – Ruhija Sector – Oruzogo Family

Aug – Buhoma Sector – Rushegura Family Sep – Mgahinga NP – Nyakagezi Family

Sep – Rushaga Sector - Mucunguzi Family Sep - Buhoma Sector – Rushegura Family

5 - Ziwa Rhino population increases

There are 5 types of rhino species two of which are found in Africa. In the 1960s Uganda had both types, black rhinos in Kidepo Valley National Park and white rhinos in Murchison Falls National Park. Unfortunately by the early 1980s both species were extinct. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was set up in the 1997 with the vision of returning rhinos to Uganda. The first 6 rhinos were relocated to Ziwa in 2005, the total number of rhinos now is 34 with 2 born in 2020.

6 -Going digital in Murchison

The Uganda Conservation Foundation UCF is an NGO registered in the UK and Uganda dedicated to protecting The National Parks and Protected Areas in Uganda. In 2020 they completed the installation of the Murchison Falls Park's first Park wide digital radio system with 80% coverage. A huge help to conservation and tourism. This is an incredible effort as the majority of the 5000km² area doesn't have any roads and the kit and equipment is very heavy.

7 - Tigers in the Pearl

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre ( UWEC ) has recently taken delivery of 2 Bengal Tigers from South Africa. This was part of an animal exchange that saw 25 Black and White Colobus Monkeys and De Brazzas Monkeys go the other way to the Mystic Monkeys and Feathers Wildlife park. Their move to Uganda was recommended by the Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA) and World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), which demands that the large cats are managed in an Ex-situ environment. There used to be 8 tiger subspecies at one time, but three became extinct during the 20th century. The Bengal Tiger is a particular sub-species that lives in India.

8 - Let's Go Travel wins World Travel Award

In 2020 Let's Go Travel were ecstatic to win a World Travel Award in the Travel Management Category. This award will spur us on to keep delivering excellent services to all of our clients in 2021.

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