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Visa Application Update

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Following the 42 day lockdown announced in Uganda the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the following directives on the 23rd June 2021. There were 4 main points that were addressed in the announcement:

1 - Passport Control

2 - Immigration Department

3 - Inspection and Legal Services

4 - General Guidelines

Section 2, which is summarised below had an update on the visa application process.

  • Boarders remain open to tourists, cargo crew, Ugandas, foreign residents and passengers in transit either by land or by air ( subject to the entry and exit requirements )

  • Visa applications must be made and paid for online at

  • Only travellers with approved visas having applied online will be granted entry into the country

  • Airline operators are advised to carry only passengers with pre - approved visas fro visa prone countries. Failure to comply, the necessary fines will apply

  • All inland transit passengers will be cleared to proceed

  • All travellers coming and going out of the country are required to have the travel documents and other evidence to support their travel

  • All other applications and renewals for immigration facilities; that is, Entry / Work Permits, Special Passes, Certificate of Residence can still be applied for online at Personalisation will only take place after the 42 days.

As soon as any further changes are made to this announcement we will let you know. Please keep checking the Corona Virus Update page to keep up to date with all the COVID-19 protocols given by the Ugandan Government.

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