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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Closed until further notice

On the 20th April the Uganda Wildlife Authority issued a statement confirming that Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is to be closed until further notice, on account of misunderstandings between the entities who currently operate the sanctuary.

Ziwa is situated in Nakasonglola and was a popular place to stop and break up the journey to or from Murchison Falls National Park. It started with 6 Southern White Rhinos in 1997 and now has 33 making it one of the most successful breading programmes of endangered animals in the world. The sanctuary is circa 7,000 hectares and offers other activities including, Bird Watching, Shoebill Stork Excursions, Night Walks and Nature Walks. The Uganda Wildlife Authority have also stated they have taken over the protection and monitoring of all 33 rhinos.

The full statement from UWA can be accessed below and as soon as we hear more information we will update you. We hope that everything gets sorted out soon so that we can continue to support the conservation of rhinos.

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