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Semuliki National Park
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Semuliki National Park

Bwanba Forest became Semuliki National Park in 1993. The majority of the park is a 220km² tract of rainforest on the boundary of Uganda and Congo, the park houses both Lake Albert and The Semuliki River. There is also tropical low land forest in Semuliki National Park which is a continuation of the Ituri Forest, which extends deep into Congo, home to a whole host of wildlife not found anywhere else in East Africa,

Game Drives

Game drives in Semuliki National Park may not be a rewarding as some of the other National Parks in Uganda but they park is home to some unique mammals that are not easy to find. For example pygmy antelopes, flying squirrels and white tailed mongoose. There are plenty of Buffalo, Uganda Kob and Elephant. Most of the game drives are done in the Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve which is just north of Semuliki National Park.

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Boat Cruise

Uganda is lucky to be able to have some many National Parks where you can do Boat Rides. The majority of guests use the boat ride on Lake Albert to look for the shy Shoebill Stork which can only be found in a few places in Uganda. The boat ride will also allow you to see many other water birds as well as the resident mammals that live in the lake.

Bird Watching

Uganda is an incredible birdwatching destination and this remote part of Uganda is no exception. There are over 435 bird species in Semuliki National Park. Out of the 131 Guinea – Congo biome species that can be found in Semuliki National Park, 35 cannot be found anywhere else in East Africa and 12 species have an extremely limited distribution in East Africa. Birding in Semuliki National Park gives you the unique opportunity of viewings birds in different habitats, Forest, Savannah and Waterbirds are all visible.

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Hot Springs

Comming soon

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