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Coffee & Safaris the perfect match

We have come up with three exciting coffee safaris that will effortlessly combine the quintessential Uganda Safari experience with an authentic look into how coffee is grown, harvested, processed and roasted in Uganda. These safaris will take you to the heart of the Uganda coffee making value chain leaving you in awe of not only how the coffee is produced by the wealth of knowledge that is needed to consistently make good coffee and just when you think things can't get any better each itinerary has an amazing safari destination for you to discover!

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Although Uganda is not as well known historically for its coffee production as some of our neighbours Kenya and Ethiopia things have started to change over the last 10 years which the international rise of Speciality Coffee and Uganda's strategic change to plant Arabica Coffee Beans to tap into this market.

Robusta Coffee naturally occurs in Uganda in the Central and Southern areas, where are Arabica is mostly grown at higher altitudes in Western and Eastern Uganda, in the Ruwenzori, Bwindi and Elgon regions.

Where previously some of the coffee processing was done outside of Uganda, this is now not the case. The entire coffee been process from planting, growing, harvesting, processing and roasting is done in Uganda. This opens up amazing opportunities to experience what it takes to make a cup of coffee.


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