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Uganda Carnivore Project

The Uganda Carnivore Program (UCP) has the prime objective of conservation and research of large carnivores in Uganda predominantly Lions, Leopards and Hyenas In the early 1990s the Director of Uganda’s Institute of Ecology was concerned that that canine distemper virus that was affecting wildlife in Serengeti National Park would affect Uganda as well and set up the Uganda Large Predator Project. It became apparent that although Lions in Uganda were dying the cause was poisoning and not the distemper virus. This prompted constant monitoring and research of all the predators in many of Uganda’s National Parks.

The programme is now focused in the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Uganda Carnivore Programme work closely with Makerere University and Uganda Wildlife Authority in the compilation of research and data and has now consolidated its vision in to two areas:

Scientific research and monitoring of resident carnivores

Community-based wildlife conservation

The History

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Lion Tracking

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Dr. Ludwig Siefert

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